Who We Are

We are a group of professionals with many years of experience in the fields of IT viz. Web Design, Graphic Design, and 2D Animation. We have developed our skills and garnered every bit of knowledge that we could while working in various organizations. Very recently, our minds were suffused with the idea of sharing the skills that we have achieved over the years.

The present job market in the state of West Bengal, as well as our country, India, is highly competitive and the Information Technology industry is seeking employees who are not just smart and competent but are also highly skilled, can perform multitasking and meet client deadlines at any cost. This, no doubt is overwhelming for fresher candidates and owing to this, they are getting enrolled at institutes to learn these subjects at a very high cost. As professionals working in the field and handling a variety of projects, we are noticing that most of these candidates are not getting equipped with the core skills necessary to work in a competitive environment for whatever reasons they are. The result is either an inability to crack job interviews or submitting to tremendous work pressures in their career. Therefore, we wish to provide extensive training for our students so that they do not have to face these situations.

Since we have learned from failures and are still learning from them, we tend to share our experiences from our professional lives through technical training and wish to see our students being successful and armed with the knowledge to face all failures in life, and in their careers.

What is Failure 2 Success? What We Do

Failure to Success is an endeavour to train students in Web, Graphics and 2D but unlike the ways followed by institutions.

At Failure2Success we are not an institution but a group of IT professionals providing you customized private tuitions in the related subjects mentioned above. We also do not offer certificates after the end of our training but give 100 % job assistance while and after the training is over.

We understand that as you are reading this, your only cause for concern is a certificate for the validity of the skills that you have achieved. Regarding this, we can tell you by heart that the technical expertise that you gain through our training will be enough to prove yourself in the job interviews. If you have the knowledge to accomplish the task, you will be selected as you carry more value than other fresher candidates possessing certificates but lacking the required skills. As working professionals, we are committed to training you wholeheartedly while keeping our course price as affordable as we can.

Our Mission

Among the two missions that we have, our first one is to teach our students with care and giving individual attention so that they understand each and every concept necessary to produce professional level designs or animations. Unlike institutions, we provide educational assistance to our students whenever required via phone or WhatsApp. We do this so that our students face no hassles while practicing or learning any topic. The second mission of ours is to make our students highly competent and skilled working professionals in the IT industry.

Our Vision

We believe that our lives do not revolve only around money or ‘profits’. As seekers and devotees of knowledge itself, our vision is to teach while keeping the cost of the training as low as possible not just for today, but also for the future, near and far. Everybody has a right to learn, to grow and pursue an enriching career. Following these values, we wish to train our students so that their dreams of becoming successful are fulfilled.