When you are applying for a job like web, graphics or animation, you have to showcase your skills so that your employer(s) can have a glimpse of your imagination and creativity. You have to do this by creating project(s). When you are taking up any of our affordable web design courses, or the graphic design / 2d animation training, we will assist you in creating a project portfolio that your employers will love.

As experienced professionals, we know what kind of work the employers are looking for and we will show you step by step to creating an impressive showreel. We understand that as freshers it is quite difficult to give shape to the plans that you have on your mind. For this, we will systematically model the workflow before starting to develop the portfolio. In this process, you will learn the methods of not just making a portfolio but also the correct steps to starting out any commercial projects or assignments in a work environment.

Your portfolio is extremely important in getting a new job as a fresher or an experienced candidate. If you belong to the former category then the quote “your first impression is the last impression” holds true because the quality of your showreel will definitely create an impact on your employer’s mind. However, it is not something very difficult when you have the right training and guidance. You can be assured of the fact that on completion of the course you will have developed exciting showreels under our supervision and your portfolio will be your gateway to success.

Below are some of our demo projects/showreels to help you understand what we teach and what you can learn as a student.

Logo Design

Here, you will find samples of logo design by us. Logos are the most important part of branding and the payscale of an experienced logo designer is extraordinary. Designing logos require creativity, experimentation and the knowledge of techniques to apply the ideas in mind. If you wish to become a logo designer join our graphic design course today.

Logo Design

2D Animation

These are some of the classical 2D animation showreels developed by us. Animations of this type are used in films of all kinds, special effects and even for websites. To become an animator take up our all-inclusive animation courses in Kolkata today.